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Pipetting Samples

Who We Are

We strive to improve the clinical outcome of patients at risk of thromboembolic disorders.

We are scientists with a new idea that we hope will contribute towards a better life for those in need of anticoagulation. We provide smart solutions for laboratories and patients.


At Fiix Diagnostics, we believe that our solution of improving the management of warfarin and other vitamin K antagonists, the new Fiix PT, will lead to better health of anticoagulated patients as well as great societal savings. 


The VKAs (e.g. warfarin) are cheap medications and when monitored with the Fiix-test, the patient´s fare better with fewer untoward events such as strokes. Consequently, fewer patients at high risk will be chronically disabled and our research suggests that during long-term treatment fewer patients will die from vascular events. This can lead patients and societies towards a successful future.


We always seek valuable feedback in order to learn and evolve.  

The Fiix-test is available from Hart Biologicals Ltd (see today to get more information or to set up a meeting with one of their sales representatives.

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